Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New Heights | mid-Sept/mid-Nov 2008

This has been out since late September, so I apologize for the late posting.

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New Heights Magazine: Mid-Sept/Mid-Nov 2008
Highlighting Tampa Historic Urban Corridor:
Seminole Heights, Downtown, Ybor, West Tampa, Tampa Heights, Riverside Heights, Davis Islands, Hyde Park & Surrounding Areas

---------------- FEATURED STORIES ------------------

Connecting the Corridor: We find out the fastest way to get around the UC ... without a car!Four mean machines - a bus, streetcar, cab and electric shuttle -race against time and each other to claim the UC's title as 2008's Top Transit ...

-------------- ----------------

Food & Drink: Five contenders sat in different corners of the UC, picked asunknowing finalists in New Heights' mission to discover whose Chinese Take-Out reigns supreme. And the winner is ???

Then our humorous sommelier, Mark Lasky, offers advice on great, affordable wines from lesser known regions ...

-------------- ----------------

Health & Beauty: Nothing says "I've had a great summer!" like snarling split ends and bleached out locks. Just in time for Fall, find out which conditioner is the cure for your frazzled hair ...

Then learn "Where the Mind Goes," according to Eastern medicine;and how a vast majority of our health problems (including depression) may originate from our mental selves ...

-------------- ----------------

Home & Family: Where are the bodies buried? Meet the soldiers, socialites, saints and sinners that lay at rest (or maybe not!) in the UC's eerie, historic graveyards ...

Then, NH's Licensed School Psychologist, Dr. Abby, explores why consistency is the key for parents who want their children to feel safe and happy at home ...

-------------- ----------------

Arts & Events: Hillsborough High & Seminole Heights Documentaries (Oct. 4); Tampa Bay International Auto Show; TBPAC's 2008-2009 Bestof Broadway Season; Cigars & Stars IV; and more!

Also: Event Listings, "Transit Race," tombstones, UC Fly Over & scenes of NH's past ...

-------------- ----------------

News & Rumors: Is it Real or Rumor? From the Newsline to the Grapevine, New Heights goes myth-busting to bring you the latest scoop!

This issue: New Heights Lands a Whaleys (almost); Starbuck's Closing; Five Guys Burgers and Thai; and more!

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