Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New Millennial Homes

The V.M. Ybor NACW has scheduled a meeting with representatives from New Millennial Homes next Monday, January 28th, 6:30 PM at the Children's Board (1002 E Palm Ave).

For those who are not aware of the purpose:
The owner of two lots on N 11th St (3410 &3412) wants to rezone and build six single family residences. The plan we were shown in November would put two homes on 11th St, and the remaining four would only have alley access, thus creating a common "pedestrian-friendly" area with walkways.

This may seem like a good idea to some, but consider these things:
1. The lot sizes in this area are large, and should remain that way. The older homes here enjoy large yards.
2. Six homes will stand where only two should.
3. The alley will be the only "street" access for four of the homes. This creates too many problems for the future, including safety.
4. The homes will ultimately look like the picture above. These do not fit the neighborhood as many of the homes were built 75-100 years ago. New Millennial said that they would work with us in changing the look of the homes, but each picture we have seen still looks just like that.
5. The real estate market. There are two New Millennial homes for sale 1/2 a block away. They are not selling, so why would these? In addition, there is no stopping the buyers from turning them into rental units. Also consider property values.
6. The reps have said there will be an HOA (Homeowners' Association) for these homes, but details as to how this would work have not been made clear. Who will ensure grass is cut, trash is picked up?

These are just a few of the concerns. The residents of V.M. Ybor previously agreed that the area should not be rezoned for this project, and NO New Millennial homes should be built.

Please attend this meeting to speak your concerns and have you questions answered.

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Jay McGee said...

What was the outcome of this meeting?